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Established in 2011, THP provides physiotherapy assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to elderly patients at home and aged care facilities throughout Melbourne’s South East.

We are the ideal solution for the elderly, less mobile patients and those who require post-operative rehabilitation.


We are a team of passionate mobile physiotherapists servicing the south-eastern suburbs. Our mission is to provide the best care for our patients and make a positive contribution to the lives of the elderly or less mobile individuals on a daily basis.

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We dedicate ourselves to improving our patients’ strength, balance and walking, assist with falls prevention, and help them realise their potential for easier and more manageable day to day living.

Home rehab physio Malvern, Brighton, Caulfield, Toorak and everywhere in between.


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Our Team

Sherrie Krampel

Sherrie established Total Health Physio in 2011 with specific emphasis on providing a warm, personal aged care physiotherapy experience for elderly and less mobile individuals at home. She loves to put a smile on the faces of her patients while helping them achieve their functional goals through rehabilitation.

Julanne Ghijben

Julanne has spent over 40 years as a physiotherapist. From an early age, she knew she wanted to help individuals achieve their potential, improve wellness and aid rehabilitation. Above all else, watching her patients recover through treatment and care is the most satisfying part of the job.

Kevin Kou

Kevin has spent the past few years working in aged care physiotherapy and has developed a real passion for helping his patients get back on their feet. Kevin enjoys the ability to spend quality time to work with and get to know his patients thus achieving better outcomes on their overall function.