Welcome to Total Health Physio!

Total Health Physio is a unique “in the home” physiotherapy hands-on and rehabilitation service provided to patients in Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburbs and Bayside regions.

It is the ideal solution for less mobile clients, for post-operative rehabilitation, those in acute pain, or just those with busy lifestyles.

The physiotherapists at Total Health Physio are experienced in assessing and diagnosing the patient’s condition, then planning and administering treatments and exercise programs tailored specifically to the patient’s needs in order to restore function to the highest possible level.

We will work closely with Doctors and other health professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and care for each individual.

Benefits to individuals:

  • No travel required
  • Experienced physiotherapists in both manual therapy and rehabilitation
  • Exercise programs catering for individual needs
  • Rehabilitation equipment available to buy or hire
  • Flexible hours



  • You're a champ. Thank you very much!

  • Thank you very much for your help. You saved me heaps of time and money!



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